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29 November 2015 @ 04:14 pm
Hello fellow cat lovers,

I am a cat lover from Australia (some would say crazy cat lady) and my 2 x babies are pictured below: Tilly (3 years) is top and Missy (10 years old) is below.

no title
no title

They keep me entertained with their play fighting and sleep on my bed at night keeping me safe. I would rather be around them than a lot of people I know.

They are mainly indoors; however they enjoy going outside every now and then to sniff the flowers and in doing so have marked their territory and kept a lot of feral cats away from my house. I keep them on a cat harness so that in the event they get freaked out by a noise from car, truck, bird or people I have control that they aren't going to get spooked and run away (you can never be too careful I guess).

I have always been more partial to cats than dogs I believe cats are more like humans in a lot of ways like wanting their own space. I do however love all animals but I am a cat lover mostly.

Feel free to add me as I would love to meet fellow cat lovers and I will endeavour to read through the other entries on this community site as I love to read and hear of others experiences with their cats.

HummingBird x
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Oh, Caturday!  I had forgotten how much I enjoy seeing you pop up in my friend page from time to time!  Here, let me do my part and post some Cat.

Here's my Ooby <3

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