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Because EVERYDAY is Caturday!

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Caturday: Post some fucking cats!
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Cat pictures, macros and general hilarity. POST SOME EFFIN' CATS!

At caturday, everyday is Caturday!

Welcome to caturday, a community brought to you by wintertokyo who honestly never thought anything would come of it. Boy was she wrong! herekittykitty is your attentive moderator now, please go to her with any problems or drama that arises. (Preferably via email or text.)

If you love cats come join Caturday! Our one desire is to bring you catfilled joy every day because EVERYDAY IS CATURDAY!

Funni cat macr0z, random pics of kitties - it's ALL welcome here!

So go join and post some fucking cats!


[ because believe it or not there ARE some! ]

1. Post some fucking cats! That means NO text only posts!

2. LARGE pictures as well as posts with multiple pictures MUST be cut with an LJ-cut!

3. If you post many pictures at once please list how many pictures are under the cut. This helps those who still use dial up or have shitty pcs. (Ex: (MA0R FUNNI 20pix))

4. Macros and random pics of your cat are BOTH allowed. Don't like random pics of cats and just want macros? Go join cat_macros

5. NO Images depicting abuse of cats/animals! So no Zippo/Torture/Wtfevercat images. >/ That shit is gross.

6. Spammers, trolls and other troublemakers will be banned on sight. Find a new place to cause your drama.

7. Got some kitty icons? That's great! This isn't the place for them. Go to kitty_kat_icons, _kitty_icons or the icontest community cat_macro_icons. (This is a blanket statement including colorbars, layouts, blinkies, any graphic that isn't a macro or picture of a cat. Cat macro icons are okay.)

8. Disabling comments on posts is NOT OKAY. It will get your post deleted.

9. Comic sans makes the Mod go

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